Johnny Depp’s Dogs Must Leave Australia or Will Be Put To Death

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y Shannon Carlin

Johnny Depp’s dogs are facing life or death in Australia after that country’s government accused their actor owner of not properly quarantiningthem.

Some are calling it the “War on Terrier” as the Aussie government gives Depp a simple choice, remove his two Yorkshire Terriers, Boo and Pistol, from the country by Saturday or they will be putdown.

The actor is being accused of not declaring his two pups to custom officials when he arrived in Queensland, Australia on a private jet last month to filmthe latest installment of Pirates of theCaribbean.The two dogs were reportedly discovered after a dog groomer posted a photo of them on Facebook.

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The Australian government, like many other countries, has strict quarantine laws for pets so that it hopefully “protect[s] people?s health as well as animal and plant health.”

According to the Australian…

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