Praise the Lord

That Anxious Mom

Little Man came home with a fundraiser form yesterday. At the beginning of the fourth week of the school year, we have a fundraiser.

And we aren’t complaining. Because Old School sends out fundraiser forms at the beginning of Week 2, and their fundraiser is fucking garbage. If you’ve ever been a kid or have one, you know the fundraiser I’m talking about–the one where they send home a fucking catalog full of horrible crappy shit, including overpriced stupid knickknacks and wrapping paper. On top of it all, Old School only let kids who sell like $1000 worth of stuff participate in the party, which really sucks in such a poor community where everyone’s hitting up the same people.

Can you tell I really hate Old School’s fundraiser? Hitting up everybody for garbage no one wants, shaming children…ugh. I’d much rather just write the school a check, but that wouldn’t be…

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