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VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Rescue crews are working to get a wayward sea lion back home safely. Late Tuesday morning, authorities started receiving reports of a sea lion in Vacaville. As the Vacaville Fire Department soon found out, the sea lion had made its way into Ulatis Creek. Crews are now working with Humane Animal Services…

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Guest Review by Josie! Natumi Takes the Lead by Gerry Ellis — This Kid Reviews Books

Natumi Takes the Lead: The True Story of an Orphan Elephant Who Finds Family By Gerry Ellis with Amy Novesky 32 pages – ages 4+ Published by National Geographic Children’s Books on November 8, 2016 Summary by Josie: The story tells about an elephant that was orphaned when hunters killed off the rest of her […]

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Best Boy Ever

Rusty yawningWelcome home, Rusty.  Romeo was on the other side of the door leading into the kitchen, when I came in from the garage into the laundry room, and was crying.  I forgot to mention that Romeo was crying when I took Rusty into the laundry room and closed the door behind me.  The two of them are buddies, and are great playmates.Romeo looking at carrier 2

Romeo couldn’t wait until I put down the carrier onto the kitchen floor.  He was walking in front of me, going back and forth, impatient for me to put down Rusty’s carrier and let him out.  It was difficult not to step on Romeo as I moved forward.  You know how that is, if you have cats.

Finally, I was able to put Rusty’s carrier down.  Before I let him out, I decided right then and there that this was a blog in the making.  Got my camera and all the photos in this blog are a result.

Romeo looking at carrier

I thought Romeo was so impatient to have his buddy home and out of the carrier, but no!  He was impatient to go into the carrier!

Rusty had to re-acquaint himself with his surroundings, and he was so happy to be back home!

Rusty walking in living roomRusty walking into bedroom

Yawning is a good way to help you relax:

Curling and grooming are sure signs of feeling good!

Rusty getting in the grooveRusty groomingRusty starting to groomRusty grooming 2

Now that I know Rusty is doing well and has aclimated to being home again, I think I’ll check out what Romeo’s been up to.


Pussy Cats 3

“Best boy ever!”  Those are the words Rusty’s dental hygienist wrote on her report for Rusty’s dental cleaning.  Nicole carried Rusty out in his carrier to me in the waiting room.  I was hoping that it went well.

Nicole was smiling from ear to ear.  She was in love!!  “I didn’t have to wrap him as I normally do with the other cats.  He just stayed on my lap and I did whatever I needed to do in his mouth.”

My happiness was short-lived, however.  She gave me the news that Rusty was having a problem with his other lower canine tooth.  (The first one was removed last year.)  She did temper that news by saying we could wait 6 months and then bring him in for X-rays and maybe the tooth could be saved by filling the bad part – it wasn’t at a point right now that made…

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Guest Post:

Crusty Pie

SR 1315

Reporter, passing by: “Excuse me, gentlemen. Could I have a word with you?”

Edward: “We’re a little busy here and this thing is kind of heavy so… no.”

James: “Get lost, sister.”

Reporter:  “This will only take a few minutes. I couldn’t help but notice that you appear to be in the midst of a heist. As a reporter, I find that very exciting.”

Edward: “A heist? This ain’t a heist. We’re just… moving stuff. We’re movers. On a job.”

Reporter: “And why would you need a gun for that?”

James: “It’s for safety. This is a bad neighborhood. People get killed all the time. Like nosy reporters.”

Reporter: “Wait a minute. That box looks like it has alcohol in it. Alcohol is against the law during Prohibition. Why are you moving boxes of alcohol?”

Edward: “This ain’t alcohol, it’s…”

James: “It’s a casket. See, it has “Old Grand-Dad” on…

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Who Said I’ve Been Playing In Puddles ?

Who Said I’ve Been Playing In Puddles ? – 4 Sep 2015 – Flickr

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Paddy insists it wasn’t him …. I think it was
Indignant ‘cos he’s tagged ‘bear’ with ‘hay’ hair – he’s a dog , not a bear or a hay-bale, although …. !
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Zookeepers monitor rare white rhino’s swollen hip

SAN DIEGO — The last remaining northern white rhinoceros in North America is undergoing veterinary treatment Monday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The 41-year-old rhino, one of only five of its species in the world, was examined Saturday after keepers noticed swelling in her right hip.

“We found the swelling was consistent with a large abscess, filled with pus,” said Meredith Clancy, an associate veterinarian at the Safari Park. “We were able to flush the area with sterile saline and will wait on tests results to determine what is going on with Nola.”

Since Nola didn’t show any other signs of being sick, keepers are hoping the abscess is isolated. They said they plan to monitor her and flush the wound daily. She’s also been put on antibiotics.

Results from testing should be available in a week or two, according to park officials.

Nola’s companion at the Safari Park, Angalifu, died in December. According to the Safari Park, the remaining northern white rhinos are beyond their breeding age.

Safari park officials said the population of the species was reduced by poachers, who killed them for their horns.

The Safari Park will host “Rally 4 Rhinos” on Saturday, May 15.

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Japan Unveils Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats



Cats are the animal equivalent of grumpy teens working summer jobs — disinterested, lethargic, perpetually annoyed. Just ask Tencho, Hime, Dora, and Detch, the four newest cat employees for Pizza Hut Japan.

Part of the brand’s newest video campaign, Pizza Cat! is a fictional Pizza Hut location run entirely by cats. “Run” used only loosely of course, since the cat’s don’t ever really work. Instead, they sleep through alarms, stare at ringing telephones, claw at delivery bikes, and literally ride roombas all around the store.

Along with a video series highlighting the cats’ daily shenanigans, Pizza Cat! also got its own nifty website detailing the cats even further. There’s even a little disclaimer stating that if your pizza doesn’t arrive, it’s simply because the cats lost their motivation, please excuse them.r all.

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