Protecting the Right to Life by putting your Land in a Trust via Jocelyn Osborn

Details on how you move real property into a trust. More information on trusts at https://legalees.com/can-write-trust/ The Trust Kit can be found at https://legalees.com/product/trust-kit/



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Helping protect the environment from preditor


Heroes come in All Shapes and Sizes — Heart of Phoenix Equine Education BLOG


It isn’t often that horses win over our egos. It isn’t often they win over economics, either. But this isn’t a story where a horse fails to win, thankfully. This guy gets a different tale, thanks for people that put horsemanship and a little horse first, Hero was born feral. He is about 5 years […]

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A Healthy Society: 2020 Goals

Determinants of Health: A Framework for Reaching Healthy People 2020 Goals.  This video demonstrates some of the factors that make some people healthy and others unhealthy. Two examples in this video serve to illustrate determinants of health, as well as interventions which can change determinants of health and lead to a specific health outcome or outcomes. The video then explains the four phases of the intervention life cycle.

This video was created by The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It explores ODPHP’s Healthy People 2020 initiative, and explains a concept known as determinants of health.

For more information, visit http://www.healthypeople.gov

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U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Zookeepers monitor rare white rhino’s swollen hip

SAN DIEGO — The last remaining northern white rhinoceros in North America is undergoing veterinary treatment Monday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The 41-year-old rhino, one of only five of its species in the world, was examined Saturday after keepers noticed swelling in her right hip.

“We found the swelling was consistent with a large abscess, filled with pus,” said Meredith Clancy, an associate veterinarian at the Safari Park. “We were able to flush the area with sterile saline and will wait on tests results to determine what is going on with Nola.”

Since Nola didn’t show any other signs of being sick, keepers are hoping the abscess is isolated. They said they plan to monitor her and flush the wound daily. She’s also been put on antibiotics.

Results from testing should be available in a week or two, according to park officials.

Nola’s companion at the Safari Park, Angalifu, died in December. According to the Safari Park, the remaining northern white rhinos are beyond their breeding age.

Safari park officials said the population of the species was reduced by poachers, who killed them for their horns.

The Safari Park will host “Rally 4 Rhinos” on Saturday, May 15.

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Ragdolls 101

The docile, calm and floppy nature of the Ragdoll is a characteristic thought to be passed down from the Persian and Birman breed. Opinions vary as to whether this trait might be the result of genetic mutation.[9][10] The extreme docility of some individuals has led to the myth that Ragdolls are pain-resistant. Some breeders in Britain have tried to breed away from the limpness due to concerns that extreme docility “might not be in the best interests of the cat”.[9][11] On multiple occasions, ragdolls have been reported as nonchalantly approaching moving cars and vicious dogs and getting hurt.[citation needed] Breed standards describe the Ragdoll as affectionate, intelligent, relaxed in temperament, gentle, and easy to handle lap cat.

MSU Event: John Syslo, PhD Dissertation Defense

yellowstone-fountain-geyser_2018_600x450MSU Event: John Syslo, PhD Dissertation Defense.

Dynamics of Yellowstone cutthroat trout and lake trout in the Yellowstone Lake ecosystem: a case study for the ecology and management of non-native fishes

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Department of Ecology

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Department of Ecology

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