Mea Culpa

On Sunday 9-20-15 @2:30 PM I will be at Paul’s house for his Back to Eden garden tour. This is likely the last visit to Paul’s until the pruning class in January.

Bonnywood Manor

Montgomery Clift I Confess Alfred Hitchcock 1953

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

“And how is that, my child?”

“It’s been over a week since my last blog.”

Silence on the other side of the confessional wall.


Throat clearing. Then, “Son, I’m not quite sure what this means, but I am here to guide you. What is this blog you speak of? Is it carnal in nature?”

“Oh no, Father. It’s nothing like that, although we probably should talk about those issues in our next session. No, a blog is where I post interesting things so that other people can read them.”

“You post things?” Short pause. “Are you sure this isn’t carnal?”

“Yes, Father. It’s like a diary, but it’s online, it’s on the Internet, and people visit my site to read what I put in this diary.”

“I see. This is a computer thing. Well, my son, we haven’t been allowed to have…

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Bring Goose Home

Via Danielle & Jason Abbott of Texas, United States

Help bring Goose home! Who is Goose? He is our pet pig, a member of our family! We live in the town of Hickory Creek, located in Denton County, Texas. Goose was recently let out of our backyard and picked up by animal control. Goose is a lovable, caring, sweet and fun pig. He is not a nuisance or aggressive. He is neutered and vaccinated, a favorite of our neighbors and a joy to all who interact with him. Our town has an ordinance restricting residents from owning a pig. Our plan is to request a variance in an attempt to bring Goose home. We are scheduled to go before our city council next month. If our request is granted, Goose can return home to his family! Please show your support and sign this petition to urge the town of Hickory Creek, TX to let us bring Goose home!

Sign at 

Sign this petition:
Town of Hickory Creek
John Smith, Town Administrator- Hickory Creek

  1. 18 hours ago
    1,000 supporters
  2. 4 days ago
    Danielle & Jason Abbott started this petition

Related: Hilltown Families on Mass Appeal: Back-To-School with Community-Based Education  
August 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm (Community Based Education, Mass Appeal, Suggested Activity)
Tags: 22News, 22News Mass Appeal, Community Based Education, Mass Appeal, self-directed learning, Sense of Place

Hilltown Families on Mass Appeal: August Segment
Community-Based Education, Your Year Round Back-to-School Resource!

Hilltown Families and Mass Appeal (a weekday, hour-long lifestyle program on NBC) have teamed up to offer a live monthly segment on WWLP 22News! Each month, Hilltown Families’ Founder & Executive Director, Sienna Wildfield, joins Mass Appeal hosts to talk about ways to engage in your community while supporting the interests and education of your children (and yourselves!).

This monthly segment continued on Thursday, August 19, 2015, for their back-to-school week, this time looking at how community-based education supports learning all year round! Sienna and Ashley talk about community engagement as a way of supporting self-initiated self-directed learning, or even a classroom-based curriculum or subject, including history, math, architecture, science, art, botany and biology.