Protecting the Right to Life by putting your Land in a Trust via Jocelyn Osborn

Details on how you move real property into a trust. More information on trusts at https://legalees.com/can-write-trust/ The Trust Kit can be found at https://legalees.com/product/trust-kit/



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Helping protect the environment from preditor


Heroes come in All Shapes and Sizes — Heart of Phoenix Equine Education BLOG


It isn’t often that horses win over our egos. It isn’t often they win over economics, either. But this isn’t a story where a horse fails to win, thankfully. This guy gets a different tale, thanks for people that put horsemanship and a little horse first, Hero was born feral. He is about 5 years […]

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Multiple Tasmanian Tiger Sightings, Declared Extinct in 1936

Scientists in Australia are preparing to search for the Tasmanian tiger after a series of “sightings” of the species, which was declared extinct when the last one died in a zoo in 1936. As part of an expedition to begin next month, scientists plan to set up more than 50 camera traps to try to…

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The Last Of The Millenniums


Make plans for when you get old.

I’m a baby boomer that ended up taking care of their parents. My Mom is almost 98 and, this will sound cruel, has lived too long.

She has no real underlying health issue. She is just slowly running down.

Make plans for when you get old……Don’t leave it for someone else to make the decisions.

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Mea Culpa

On Sunday 9-20-15 @2:30 PM I will be at Paul’s house for his Back to Eden garden tour. This is likely the last visit to Paul’s until the pruning class in January.

Bonnywood Manor

Montgomery Clift I Confess Alfred Hitchcock 1953

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

“And how is that, my child?”

“It’s been over a week since my last blog.”

Silence on the other side of the confessional wall.


Throat clearing. Then, “Son, I’m not quite sure what this means, but I am here to guide you. What is this blog you speak of? Is it carnal in nature?”

“Oh no, Father. It’s nothing like that, although we probably should talk about those issues in our next session. No, a blog is where I post interesting things so that other people can read them.”

“You post things?” Short pause. “Are you sure this isn’t carnal?”

“Yes, Father. It’s like a diary, but it’s online, it’s on the Internet, and people visit my site to read what I put in this diary.”

“I see. This is a computer thing. Well, my son, we haven’t been allowed to have…

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Okay, What if you were a mug?

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This one is so unbelievably whacky that I think I have surpassed even myself. Please note, for the purposes of this challenge a ‘mug’ refers to:

A mug is a type of cup used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup

as opposed to:

1.Slang for a fool or someone who will do anything for you if you just ask such open the door, run the shop for you etc.

2.slang for a face which doesn’t really appeal to you, someone ugly

3. Any other other use of the word in any other part of the planet.

If you are still unsure, let me confirm, this is the mug to which I refer and it will also be the basis for this challenge.


If you were this mug, which is essentially a blank canvas, how would you decorate it to let the world know it was in fact yours? What would you add to stop your work colleagues stealing it? What would be your catch phrase or picture?

The beauty of this challenge is that you are not even required to write a post if you choose not to. You can simply leave your answer in the comments. If however you do write a post, please don’t forget to link back to this post so we can all see your creation.

Get thinking and good luck 🙂

A Healthy Society: 2020 Goals

Determinants of Health: A Framework for Reaching Healthy People 2020 Goals.  This video demonstrates some of the factors that make some people healthy and others unhealthy. Two examples in this video serve to illustrate determinants of health, as well as interventions which can change determinants of health and lead to a specific health outcome or outcomes. The video then explains the four phases of the intervention life cycle.

This video was created by The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It explores ODPHP’s Healthy People 2020 initiative, and explains a concept known as determinants of health.

For more information, visit http://www.healthypeople.gov

We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy:

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)